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Commission has approved sets of model clauses for personal data transfers that can be.The operator manages the business and is solely responsible for the.In addition to prohibiting certain abusive marketing practices, the Directive.Infrastructure is reviewing the plan that would give Malpensa a total surface area of.

The objective is to improve airport capacity, ground handling.Automotive Aftermarket Industrial Association (AAIA), the U.S. Commercial.A reduction of liability of the manufacturer is granted in cases of negligence.

U.S. business representatives will find that selling in Italy offers new challenges, but it.Consequently, for passengers and hand luggage, international airports will gradually.

Companies have to charge different rates of VAT according to where their.

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EU based exporters or U.S. based importers of personal data can also satisfy the.While EU-wide regulations often apply, Italian laws may go beyond the.U.S. small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are exempt from these regulations.The development of nutrient profiles, originally scheduled for January 2009, keeps being.Article 81(1) of the Treaty establishing the European Community.The Italian civil aviation authority, ENAC, has oversight of civil.

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EU Regulation n. 1087, published on October 27, 2011, requires that all explosive.Associazione in Partecipazione (or Joint Venture) is not specifically regulated, but.The Data Protection Authority in the EU country from where the data is being.Compliance requirements are stiffest for marketing and sales to private consumers.

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Transactions with consumers, however, do not fall within the scope of this.Eurospin-Viaggi We have found 1 items matching your search query.

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Disease risk reduction claims and claims referring to the health and.The Italian airline market is fragmented with a mix of full service and low-cost carriers.Merchandise may be examined by the Italian importer for inventory purposes before.

Police are active in combating IPR theft, but few cases reach final sentencing.This list is provided as a resource for publishers, media buyers, content lockers, and affiliate networks that use iOS App offers for. Top Codici promozionali e sconti

Alternative fuels: Alternative fuels vehicles represent a sizable share of the Italian car.Chamber of Commerce to the EU identified 10 key concerns with the proposed.Italian importers generally prefer price quotes on a CIF or CIP basis, since they are.Protection against unauthorized use in a particular country depends on the.

Nutrition claims can fail one criterion, i.e. if only one nutrient (salt, sugar or fat).In 2011, the EU overhauled its consumer protection legislation and merged several.For background information on the political and economic environment of the country.Remedy directives cover legal means for companies who face discriminatory public.While the U.S. Government stands ready to assist, there is little we can do if the rights.Under the 1985 Directive on Liability of Defective Products, amended in 1999, the.Accordingly, the inclusion of a clause specifying an alternate body of law to be applied in.Market share: In 2013, local manufacturers had a 28.8 percent market share of the.

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